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GDPR Preferences

Following new GDPR laws in Europe, we are obligated to provide you with more information as to how we use cookies on our site with regards to your personal information and give you the opportunity to opt in and out as you please. Please see below for a more in depth insight to the approaches taken within this site.

You decisions here will be stored in a cookie.  If you change computers or clear your cookies or cache, you may have to re-submit these choices.

Online Analytics

We utilise Google analytics on this site to help us gain insight as to how users utilise the site, how well it functions and which areas need improving. As you progress through the site, we will be tracking the pages you click on, how long you spend on them, where you leave the site and similar. We collect this data both securely and anonymously. We don't use google events to track anything specific and all your personal data is safe.

We do this so that we can figure out where the site is failing, how many pages are being used on a daily basis and which routes are most popular through our sites, but also the least popular routes, the highest levels of bounces and similar. Knowing this information lets us focus on areas of the site that need to be adjusted for the better.

Personal Details

When you send us an email, for example via the contact form, or when you apply for one of the listed careers on the site, your emails are not stored in a database. Instead, they are sent directly to a monitored inbox, complete with your name, contact data, resume/CV, email address and any other privided details relevant to that particular means of contact. Data will be kept in accordance with our privacy policy in order for us to be able to get back to you. Data sent via these methods will not be used for marketing or news purposes. Please provide your opt-in/out email address. This will be sent directly to our GDPR team via email and will not be used for marketing