We hope that the information on the website will give you an insight into our traditional baking methods and family values, as well as and most importantly letting you know what makes our Bread and Cakes so delicious.

Percy Ingle’s plastic consumption reduced by over half a tonne per week.

At Percy Ingle we take pride it what we do; we have high standards set by generations before us that are steeped in history and values from the Ingle’s that founded the company over 70 years ago. Almost all of our produce is baked by hand on the morning before it is stocked and consumed. Our suppliers of key ingredients such as flour, dairy and meat are primarily family businesses like ours, that share our passion for natural, quality and ethically farmed (organic where possible) ingredients - all of which

contribute towards providing our customers with the freshest and tastiest baked goods we can offer.

In 2018 we began looking beyond the food we serve by reviewing our stores and the way in which we present and package our food. It’s fair to say that the high street is not what it once was and decisions have been made over the years to keep the cost of products affordable to all. However, during this process and in light of the very topical and serious debate on single-use

plastic, we began to make some small changes that mean we can drastically reduce our plastic consumption by over an impressive half a tonne per week. Inevitably this has changed the way we serve our goods, but we’ve had plenty of fun in redesigning the offering, which has received overwhelming support from our regulars. Percy Ingle are adamant that to make a change we - as business owners - have a responsibility to proactively change ourselves. New directives in 2019 will see this reduce further still.